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Present Perfect Tense, Pengertian, Rumus & Contoh

Penjabaran - Present Perfect Tense, Pengertian, Rumus & Contoh - Apa kabar pembaca? Kali ini kita belajar pengertian, rumus dan contoh Present Perfect Tense sebagai lanjutan dari seri Present Continuous Tense bahasa Inggris sebelumnya. Ok, langsung saja kita mulai

Pengertian Present Perfect Tense
Present perfect tense is one kind of the tenses to suggest that a finished action or event is connected with the present in some way. The hallmark is that it always implies a strong connection with the present. For this reason, this tense is functioned to indicate past or finished events, actions or situation with ‘up to now’ meaning (whether stated or only implied meaning). The exact time is not important.The other main point of the present perfect tense is that it isoften used to express the idea of completion or achievement. It emphasizes the completion of the action or event but suggest its connection to the present.

pengertian rumus dan contoh present perfect tense bahasa inggris

Rumus Present Perfect Tense

The formation of present perfect tense consists of subject of the sentence followed by the present form of auxiliary have (have, has), then followed by past participle whether the regular verb (infinitive form added with -ed) or irregular verb, and then followed by the object of the sentence if there is any.

The Formula:
Subject + Aux Have (have, has) + Past Participle (verb-ed, irregular verb) + Object
For example:
I have already seen that movie in the 21 Theater.

The time expressions usually used with present perfect tense are:lately, recently, ever, never, since, for, during, over, so far, up to know, until now, up to the present, just, already, and so on. These time expressions are not frequently used for the focus of present perfect tense is the completion of an event or action. 

Contoh dan Pneggunaan Present Perfect Tense

• For a recently completed action, for example:
He has just gone out
• For past action whose time is not define, for example:
I had read the instructions, but I do not understand them.
• For recent action that have the result in the present, for example:
Tom has had a bad car crash.
They have moved into a new apartment
• Present perfect tense is defined as the most normal tense for giving news of recent events, for example:
The Prime Minister has said that the government’s economic policies are working. The number of unemployed has reached five million.
• This tense is also used in repetition actions or to say that something has happened several times up to the present.The exact time of each repetition is not important, for example:
We have had four tests so far this semester.
They have often traveled in Central Java
• To talk about how long present situations have lasted, for example:
We have known each other since we were nine.
• Expressing a situation that began in the past and continues to the present, for example:
I have liked cowboy movies ever since I was a child.

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